Seniors, Friends, and Vikings

The month of October has been much busier than I anticipated - so much so that I haven't really had the time to write about anything that I felt would be remotely interesting enough for this website.


Do you want to hear about shear flow and how loading a body along the shear center will cause shear and bending but no torque?  I thought not.


Anyhow, I have had the chance to do some photography this past month.  Over Fall Break, I had the chance to take senior portraits for Leanne over at the Howard County Conservancy.  Fall colors were just starting to come out fully; the warm weather and late-day sun made for some great photographs.

The next weekend, I got together with some friends of mine from InterVarsity, who all live together.  They wanted some house portraits as keepsakes.  We spent 45 minutes wandering their neighborhood on a very bright afternoon and got some great portraits (with the dog too!).

Finally, this past weekend, I ended up heading over to Jefferson National Forest with some friends who had made their own incredible How to Train Your Dragon costumes.  We spent an hour or so running around a field late Sunday afternoon, getting all sorts of great pictures.  This was, by far, the most fun I've had yet with a photoshoot.

November will bring some more senior portrait sessions - hopefully I'll have the chance for some more fun creative random ones as well!