Senior Portrait Freedom: Bring Your Own Creativity

I had the pleasure of taking senior portraits for Rebecca over Thanksgiving break.  Several days of rain gave way to a windy, somewhat overcast day as the storm system blew out to sea.

We began our session in historic Ellicott City.  Many of the sidewalks and other surfaces were still wet, giving an interesting color boost to the photographs.  Afterwards, we went to the Daniels Area of Patapsco State Park.  A break in the clouds and significant wind gusts brought some more dynamic shifts for more interesting portraits.  This is one of the most exciting aspects of what I do.  The time of and weather during any given portrait shoot is an incredible unpredictable variable.  Sometimes, it forces us to cancel - as does torrential rain.  Sometimes it changes the mood of a portrait series.  Low sun brings warmth; dark clouds bring a somber air.  Sometimes wind adds a sense of energy and dynamics - or just gets in the way.

What makes a portrait session truly exciting for me is when clients bring their own creativity.  I've had people show up with no idea what they wanted from their portrait session.  Rebecca, however, brought her journal and some clear juggling balls as props.  She had several ideas about backgrounds and poses for her images.

I like the idea of multiplicative creativity.  Whereas someone might come to a portrait session and expect me to do everything, it is so much more rewarding when they bring their own ideas and energy.  It doesn't add up so much as multiply.

Anyone can show up and get good photographs from any number of photographers.  But if you bring your creativity and ideas, I think you'll get something truly unique.