On Time Management

"I don't have enough time!" is a phrase I hear frequently, and often from myself.  Is there anyone who has their life so rightly balanced that their time is never wasted and they are able to do precisely everything they hope to accomplish?

I reckon not.

As I grow older, I find it more and more imperative that I use my time well.  No longer can I play Age of Empires II for hours on end (as I did in high school) without feeling as though I've missed out on something important.  If I were to time travel back to my freshman year of college, I'd probably slap myself and tell me to get off the computer and go do something more meaningful.

Granted, as an introvert, I need time to be alone and recharge.  But, I consider this to be a necessary, fruitful use of my time.  Refreshing Facebook over and over is not (Though I am not immune to such a disease!).

I consider good conversations, hiking, thought-provoking reading, community service, prayer, and cooking to be effective, meaningful uses of my time, among others.  Yet, I cannot do all of these things all the time as much as I would like!  Attempting to do so would be futile and unnecessarily stressful.  Understanding that I cannot do everything, then, frees me to do my best to choose great things, even at the expense of good things, without being crushed under the weight of it all.  Do I always succeed at this?  Absolutely not.  But, thankfully, I am slowly getting better as the years progress.

How do you spend your time?  What would you do if time was no constraint?