Erik and Lindsey

Last weekend, I had the chance to take engagement photos for two of my friends, Erik and Lindsey.  I met Erik my freshman year, and we quickly connected, both being in Mechanical Engineering and InterVarsity.   At some point, I began to hear of Lindsey, whom he had met through study sessions for Statics and other engineering courses.

Erik proposed in early March, having used oil lanterns to make an awesome trail for Lindsey to follow.  They brought these lanterns to the session, which was a great idea.  Lindsey also made a banner to mark the date of their wedding.  Why spend time on the graphic design of a "Save the Date" postcard when you can put it all in the photograph itself?  This was an amazingly creative idea, and I was glad they had thought of it!

These photographs were taking at various locations around Blacksburg, VA: the Hahn Horticulture Garden, Smithfield Plantation, and what most of my friends call "the Caboose Park."

Congratulations to Erik and Lindsey, and I pray the best for their wedding preparation and the marriage to come!