The Will Rogers Follies

This summer, I have the privilege of being a part of Howard County Summer Theater's production of the Will Rogers Follies.  This community theater has been an important part of my life since my first show, Annie Warbucks, in 1996.  I was just six years old at the time and apparently all the teenage girls considered me adorable.  This, I do not remember.  It's also no longer the case, for which I suppose I am thankful.

The show follows the life of Will Rogers, an Oklahoma comedian, radio personality, film actor, cowboy, and vaudeville star.  He was an incredibly important cultural icon back in the years surrounding the Great Depression.  Sadly, almost no one among my generation has any clue who he was.

Will Rogers had an incredible wit, and made many great observations during his time, in addition to his jokes about lawyers and politicians.  Much of what he said then seems, to me, quite applicable even today!  Having already performed in this show twice (1997 and 2004), I may be biased - It's become one of my favorites.

The cast is incredible, and I believe we have put on a truly great show.  Come on out and see it!  There are four more performances this week (Wednesday through Saturday) at Atholton High School.  Showtime is 7 PM and tickets are $15.

See the Baltimore Sun article here.