A rather painless first experience with Ireland's railway system brought me into Galway in the late morning.  I left the train station and headed straight to the farmer's market.  It has been nearly three years since I lived in Galway for a semester, yet my memory of the town was spot-on, right down to the location of the donut man, whose booth was still situated next to the painter's stall in the shadow of the church.

He and the girls in line behind me were amused that I had gone to him for my first stop.  "Three years?  Ah, my prices haven't changed either - that'll say something about the economy, to be sure!"

Next, a call to Nathan and a wander through Shop Street while he wove his way through traffic to come collect me.

I spent the next few days with Nathan and Jenna, recently-married friends who I'd met in the Christian Union while at the college here.  It was wonderful spending time with them:

Videos about bowl cuts featuring Chris Tomlin

Wandering through the nearby forests

Trad at the Crane

Driving the Clifden Sky Road

Meeting Paul and his parents and listening to their stories of faith

It was a true blessing to be the recipient of their hospitality and share many adventures with them.  Soon, however, it was time to head on.  They were back to work and I had more to see.  Tuesday began early, at 5:45 AM, as Nathan graciously drove me to the bus station so my next leg of the adventure could begin.  And so I was off to Lacken House, the headquarters of OM Ireland.