The First Twenty Five Miles


In my wanderings through Patapsco State Park over the years, I've noticed mile markers along the B&O Railroad.  Took a few photos of them, several years ago, without much thought.

Then came the idea to photograph all the mile markers from the beginning of the line out to the Henryton train tunnel near Marriottsville road.

Off I've gone to various parts of the state park, walking along various trails to reach these markers - making sure no two images are too similar to one another, while still trying to keep the tracks visible in each photograph.  Something interesting usually happens along the way - I meet some deer or a hiking family; scare a fox or talk with a biker.

Aspiring railroad nerds (I don't think I classify, but perhaps I do...) can learn some history of the railroad here.

Here's a slideshow of the photos I've taken so far.