An Indefinite Hiatus

My last post on this blog was in March.

Then I started dating, working overtime, committing to spending time in this community I live in and and trying to figure out how to create a culture that seeks and displays the Kingdom of God, and serving in the college community at my church. 

Mandatory overtime is complete, and a summer of 48-hour weeks winds down. 

As I look at life, I see clearly that I can pursue many good things.  But if I pursue everything I've been attempting these past months, I will not be able to do all of them well. 

And so I am taking a break, for some time, from this photography business.  I've loved the ride, the people, the experimentation.  This has been a great learning experience and I hope to order my life so that I can return to photography - it's such a joy to create these images with my clients.

There is too much going on for me to do this photography and to do it as well as my clients deserve.

Pick what matters most.  Chase it down.  Do it well!