Fear is Lying to Us

You are not safe.  Don't ask that question.  Don't visit that country.  Don't follow your dreams.  Don't talk about topics that might offend someone.  Keep your head down.  Don't make waves.  Don't make anyone angry.

Fear tells you to stay in a safe little box of boring.

Dear Self: Shut up and climb mountains.  Sincerely, Me

I wonder just how irrational our fears are?  Are we still the 16-year-old who fears that they won't be asked to the school dance (or will be rejected) and their life will be over?  How often is our fear telling us some potentially wonderful thing will just end in disaster?

Listening to fear - not doing something because I am afraid - is getting tiring.

I'm not interested in hiding from life, but living it.

Let's go.