The Doctor Takes Frederick

We all love stories, and we all express that love in a wide variety of ways.  Several friends of mine, fans of the long-running BBC series Doctor Who, go to conventions and meet the actors in addition to watching the show.  One of them, Robin, has been working on her Tenth Doctor costume over the past few years, adding another element of interaction with a story that captivates her.

The Bells of St. John are Ringing!

Robin had wanted some photos of her costume for a while, and I have been experimenting with different portraiture to keep myself learning and growing.  A good match!  So, off we went to downtown Frederick on a cold Saturday afternoon.

Don't Blink.

When I photograph people, I am capturing their story, their personality.  It's fun to do that with a larger-than-life character; working together with Robin to bring her portrayal of the Doctor to life was quite the adventure.

Well... !

I am always honored when people tell me their story.  It's fascinating to learn what stories, in turn, captivate them.  I have friends who love the drama of Les Misérables, others who are so immersed in the Harry Potter novels that they may as well have gone to school at Hogwarts, and still others whose hearts ignite when confronted by old poetry and new songs and1950s musicals and the myths and legends of their ancestral homes.

I'm the Doctor, and I save people!

What stories captivate you?