I went to the last 5 minutes of AwesomeCon this past Friday.  A few regular civilians passed me going the other way, as did Captain America and Peggy, Fred and George Weasley, and other characters you probably love.

Joining my friends, the Doctor, Steampunk Ariel, and Rick Grimes; we began our wandering through DC.  Our first stop brought us to a hotel where the concierge was delighted to see us, making sure to get photographs of everyone on his new Nikon DSLR.  Other patrons exiting the elevators were somewhat bemused by our presence.

Onward through the muggy streets we went, finally stopping in front of the Washington Monument.  Because when you're a larger-than-life character, you better go big.

It was a great time taking portraits and experimenting with off-camera lighting, both my external flash units and whatever interesting tube lighting happened to be behind the windows.