Typewriter Poetry: McClintock 2019 Whiskey Release Party

Once again, a line stretching far out the door. Eager fans pour in the room, new whiskies pour in small glasses, and poems pour from flying typebars.

Mark and I again take space at McClintock Distilling in Frederick, Maryland, each writing nearly 40 poems over the course of the day. Guests give us a topic and we craft written words.


Joey, avid hiker, requests a poem about the national parks.

Amy, recent college grad, requests a poem about new beginnings.

Will, beverage connoisseur, requests a poem about the strawberry mule he had just enjoyed.


Often, those who ask for poems linger, and we get to know more of their story. Photographers, aviators, recently-engaged lovebirds, imaginative children, and many more souls cross our paths and our pages. Sometimes, the exchange is full of laughter and humor, other times it carries the weight of pain. Always, the interaction holds goodness and connection.

While we were crafting our poems, the Sweet Farm was crafting ginger beer cocktails and Five-O-Air was crafting an incredible mural. Delightful music was provided by Pickโ€™d Up.

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