The Cold Front

A cold front came through, right when I was too busy, stressed, and unprepared. 

So I got sick, and spent Sunday and Monday mostly taking a series of naps.

I am reminded, yet again, that we need rest.  We aren't meant to be mechanical machines that run at 97% efficiency, going, going, going.  We're organic.  We need sleep, relaxation, time with those close to us, food, and so much more.

We need healing.  I had spent the past week oppressed by a difficult-to-pinpoint anxiety that was surprisingly washed away in grace as I spent time in prayer, talking with Jesus.  He reminded me of this truth: I have made you new.

If a cold front comes through and knocks you off your feet, perhaps it is a blessing: stop doing so much and pretending to be a diesel engine.  Rest.  Be rejuvenated.  Be restored.

Amidst the coughs, despite the sore throat, somewhere in the pile of tissues (yes, quite possibly!), there just might be grace.

South Branch of the Patapsco River

South Branch of the Patapsco River