The Importance of Video Marketing

Word of mouth is still an incredibly effective way to bring new clients through your doors.  It’s organic and requires little investment of your time or finances.

Yet, when it comes to building your business and getting more clients, you often need to jump-start that process.  One of the best bang-for-your buck investments is video marketing.

A variety of statistics show that the vast majority of consumers across industries believe video helps them make purchasing decisions and increases the likelihood that they’ll commit to a product.

Consider the following scenario:  I search for a nutritionist in my area online.  A map of local matches appears.  The first name that pops up has a website with an outdated style and it takes me a bit of time to navigate around.

Returning to the map on the search page, I click on the second nutritionist’s website link. Immediately I am invited to start the journey to health, and I scroll down to see more detailed information about what that means, without clicking around.  Overall, this second website is more inviting and I’d be more likely to contact this practitioner for help getting my nutrition on track.

Back to the search page, I click the first result below the map, which is an aggregation site featuring profiles of nine professionals near me.  They all have great photographs and full profiles detailing what they do, with testimonials, listed specialties, and more.  I visit their websites; each one is professional and polished.

However, none of them have any videos on their landing pages, and I don’t feel like reading through all this text trying to determine who is the best fit for me.

What would happen if just one of these professionals invested in a short and articulate video describing how they can help me and what makes them different from everyone else?

  • They would clearly and uniquely demonstrate their professionalism and competence

  • I would feel like I already know them a bit before I call to set up an appointment

  • I would be more likely to commit to working with them as I pick up the phone

  • I would be grateful that they provided an easy way for me to digest the information I need to make the call

Video marketing, done well, can break down the barriers that stand in the way of calls and bookings.

It may also be just the right tool to help you stand out from all the competition within your industry.

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