White Christmas!

Phil Davis and Bob Wallace, back from WWII’s Western Front, spend their days touring the country, song and dance routine in full swing.  After Phil arranges a meeting with the Haynes Sisters, romantic mischief soon lands this quartet in Vermont, where Judy and Betty Haynes are on deck to perform at a local Inn.  To Bob and Phil’s surprise, the owner of said Inn is none other than their own General Wavorly.  With Christmas fast approaching, they find themselves in a position to give him an incredible gift.

Take a break from the summer humidity and join Howard County Summer Theatre for a breathtaking ride through a wintry wonderland!  The entire cast, crew, and production team are volunteers and all profits from this show will benefit Prepare for Success, the USO, and the Salvation Army.

Show dates are June 30th (this Thursday!), July 1-3, and July 6-9.  All shows 7 PM except Sunday the 3rd at 2 PM.  Tickets available at ticketleap.com

Judy, Phil, Bob, and Betty bring you a Merry Christmas!

Judy, Phil, Bob, and Betty bring you a Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!