Senior Portrait Freedom


Most of my clients are high school seniors, and I've set up my business with them in mind!  However, anyone looking for on-location portraiture or a few simple studio shots is welcome: Engaged couples, bands, families, actors and actresses, and more.

Why freedom?  We're going outside, to the natural light, to the textures and vibrancy all around us.  We're going to the parks and other public places that, perhaps, hold special meaning for you or simply make wonderful portrait environments.

Why freedom?  We're combining creativity and curiosity, yours and mine.  Let's call it curiositivity, a word I accidentally invented a couple years back.  Maybe you want to bring your musical instrument, sports equipment, Civil War reenactment garb, typewriter, robot, dreamcatcher collection, whatever, and incorporate it into your portraits.  Let's do it.

Why freedom?  Because I want you to bring whatever ideas to your session, even ones you might think are absurd, so we can create something amazing and unique.


Services and Pricing


NOTE: I work full time as an engineer.  I will only be offering a few sessions per season.  Email me for availability!

I charge for the session and editing time and allow you the freedom to do whatever you like when it comes to printing your photos.  No specific print packages here.

My sessions come at a fixed price.  These are generally for high school seniors, engaged couples, but are not exclusive to those folks!  If you are interested in hiring me for something that does not fall under these categories, we'll work together to determine a reasonable price for my services.  Please note I do not shoot weddings.  Email me for pricing info and any questions you might have.

Schedule a free visit to the studio to see some of my work and discuss the possibility of a portrait session.  Let's collaborate and make it amazing.

On-Location Session (1, 2, and 3 hour)

  • Yearbook studio headshots for high school seniors
  • As many locations and outfits as time allows
  • Image enhancement for more vibrant images;  Retouching on request
  • 20 photos on CD. 
  • Come for a free, no-obligation consultation before your shoot, so we can design it just for you.  Get curiousitive!

Yearbook Sessions

  • Yearbook portrait & other possibilities - choose your three favorite images after the shoot
  • Receive your images by email (or CD) within a week of your session

Whatever Else

  • Band Photoshoots (get that awesome album cover)
  • Headshots for Actors and Actresses
  • That awesome idea you have that will blow people's minds

Printing Options


With your CD, I provide a letter that gives you permission to print  as many images as you like for non-commercial use.  You may display  them, give them to friends and family, use them in scrapbooks, etc.  I  do ask that you do not make derivative works of these images (that is,  enhance them yourself in your home computer image editing program).

If you so desire, I can provide prints for you.  Contact me if you'd like more specific information on pricing.  I consider my print provider to be top-of-the-line.  We can also talk about specialty canvas prints and other options!

As for online display, I’ve found that many clients who have a  profile on Facebook are incredibly eager to make an album of my images  for all their friends to see.  I ask that you not do this, more so out  of a (possibly irrational) fear that Facebook may one day turn into Skynet and bad things will happen to me.  However, feel free to use these  images as your Facebook profile picture, as long as you give me credit  as the photographer in the caption.

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