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We celebrate stories with on-the-spot typewritten poems.

Your guests or patrons provide a topic and we write them a poem - often whimsical, often heartfelt, and certainly gratefully received.

Personalized handcrafted poems make a wonderful gift!

Contact us (below) for a detailed quote. Rates vary depending on event type, day of week, and travel distance.  For restaurants, markets, breweries, and the like, we work off a tip-based system and a fee to cover travel and materials.  Rates for weekend events such as weddings, parties, and corporate events start at $100/hour and include a materials fee.



"Thanks for writing a lovely poem at Moreland’s Tavern Monday evening. Beautiful words - very moving. And very impressive that you could write in such a busy environment. Nicely done.”

- Karen

"Apparently, I'm a breakfasteer! That's so going on my business card. Thanks for the dope rhymes."

- Craig, Baltimore Waffle Company

"You were a HUGE hit - you really went above and beyond with all the poems, people were thrilled and impressed and I'm so glad you were a part of the celebration!”

- Jaime, Lyon Distilling Company