You Have a Story to Share

But it's a noisy and busy world! Let me help you tell your story with photographs that others will notice.


high school seniors

You've accomplished so much already, and you're on the edge of an exciting new time in life. 

A Senior Portrait session is a fun way to celebrate all you've done, get some great portraits in locations you love, and share memories with friends and family!

Meet with me to nail down a plan of action; next, get your portraits taken; finally, receive your images to share with the world.

I work hard to make the Senior Portrait experience smooth and enjoyable for the whole family - portraits should be a delight, not a burden, in the busy senior year!


Helping Actors and Businessfolk tell their story with a headshot that displays their personality and confidence.

Portrait sessions can take place in my studio or at your place of employment.



Families and more

The family is growing fast, and 'next year' never comes - schedule some time to get your family portrait today!