Get out of the TARDIS

What is it about myths that captures us?  What truth compels our fictions?

The Doctor travels through time and space in his blue police box, dialing in coordinates and traveling into the unknown.  Bursting out of the doors, he throws himself into whatever adventure awaits, often rescuing others from some evil force that seeks to destroy them.

I spent too many evenings last year watching one, two, three or more adventures of his in one sitting.  Internet streaming makes it easy to go on vicarious adventures, to pretend you're on a journey with these characters in front of you.

Story and myth are wonderful and necessary, stimulating imagination and drawing us into something bigger than ourselves.  Yet, I was often using these stories as an excuse to hide from a life that seemed to be going nowhere interesting.  What goals and desires I had were seeing little to no progress, and it was easier to vicariously make a difference through a television screen than to do the hard work of living a life in the world, of trying and failing and growing and succeeding.  Entertainment became escape.

No more.

With a new day job and a new year, I am enacting several new habits; moving forward with several new goals.  I will be honing my photography skills, practicing my writing, and trying some audacious things.  I'll be sharing how I flew to Hawaii for less than $100 and helping you do the same.  I'll be developing new photography products.  I'll be learning how to help small businesses tell their story - and I'd love to use my skills to help you tell yours.

It's going to be different for me this year.

What's going to be different for you?  I'd love to hear!

You have something to share with this world.  You can help bring light in the midst of darkness.  You can speak hope where there is uncertainty.  How will you choose to live?