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Typewriter Poetry: Lyon Distilling, Saint Michael's, MD

Saint Michael’s, a small historic town in Eastern Maryland, known for its waterfront views, small shops, and inns, is also becoming known as the hometown of Lyon Distilling, a small batch micro distillery famous for its rum and rum cocktails.

Some months ago, I met the owner, Jaime Windon, and was invited to bring my typewriter poetry to their tasting room. So I did, on a cloudy September Saturday.


The tasting room is a wonderful space, and the staff are some of the friendliest people I’ve met this year - there’s a sense of familiarity almost immediately. If you’ve got your guard up, you’ll find it falling away. The family atmosphere and camaraderie was palpable and I loved the chance to hear stories of the distillery and of Saint Michaels from Jessi, Avery, Meghan (of Gray Wolf Craft Distilling), and other members of the staff.

There was a steady stream of interested visitors throughout the day - folks celebrating their anniversary, a bachelorette party, and a number of guests from a number of weddings.

I enjoyed interacting with a lot of newlyweds and newly-engaged couples and getting the chance to write poems honoring their stories. On the lighter side, one regular asked for a humorous poem about William Shatner, while Jay of Eastern Shore Brewing asked for a poem to include the words “unicorns, pixie dust, and bags of glass.” On the poignant side, a gentleman asked for a poem about missed opportunities, and asked me to include the phrase “the leap not taken.”

Overall it was a fantastic day. This being my first trip to Saint Michaels, I was immediately taken by the town and fully intend to go back to spend time truly exploring - there are little coffee shops, a historic car museum, antique stores, woodworkers, and all sorts of things to see.

Not only that, but it’s the sort of place where, after a visit, you’ll leave surprised at just how many people will easily call you friend.